Friday 24 January 2014

SIVALENE Special Calcium Carbonate Master Batches for Woven Sacks Bag

SIVALENE special calcium carbonate masterbatch is produced by ultrafine treated calcium carbonate. It is highly suitable for all denier tapes with modify physical property of plastics tape line; it act as modifier as well as calcium carbonate master batches. At high loading above than 30% for PP Film/Bags gives considerable cost reduction and also reduce waste formation during production due to special additives.

There are additives in this master batches which increase stiffness, strength as well as elongation even at high loading of filler master batch in film and Raffia. SIVALENE special master batches for woven sacks bag increases productivity as compared to any other filler in the market and produced on advanced manufacturing equipment’s under stringent quality control ensuring consistency in every lot.

SIVALENE special master batches for woven sacks bag improve tenacity, tensile strength and elongation in running products along with dispersion of calcium carbonate in final products. Reduces fibrillation and splitting tendency on tapes under mechanical stress and enhances dart, drop & tear resistance. Special master batches also improve the low temperature properties in final products and decrease processing temperature for production. Apart from these properties it decrease dust formation, improve printability, smoothness, hardness, stiffness, anti-block etc. property in plastics. Calcium carbonate master batches reduce shrinkage ratio of final products to improve size stability and the application ratio of white color master batch. For surface printing property of plastic to reduce needed electric current under surface corona process.

SIVALENE special master batches for woven sacks bag are suitable for polypropylene at dosages of up to 60% depend on applications. Calcium Carbonate MB suitable for Woven Bags for Cement/Fertiliser, Jumbo Bags/FIBC for chemicals and other Polymer Processing Sectors, any low denier woven fabric.

Thursday 16 January 2014

SIVATHENE Conductive Black Compounds for Film Applications

Static electricity is a natural phenomenon, one that can lead to disaster if left to build up on fuel pump hoses, polyethylene bags, or special tools used in specified spaces, such as mines or tunnels. One spark can be disaster. SIVATHENE have wide range of conductive compounds greatly reduces this risk during service.

Conductivity is measured by the surface resistivity (SR) of the conductive film. A better conductivity performance for a particular conductive black compound will permit the design engineer to use the appropriate loading with adequate dispersion of carbon black to achieve the minimum required surface resistivity for the application.

SIVATHENE produces a high quality, performance oriented conductive carbon black compounds and master batches. Conductive compounds have number of advantages in thermoplastic resins typically act as electric insulators; our compounds are carefully designed to transform these electrical characteristics from insulating to conductive and formulated by combining conductive carbon black and thermoplastic resins. Properties are based on control dispersion of specialty carbon black pigments together with performance additives. These compounds meet the needs of many industries where permanent reduction of electrostatic hazards is required and conductive properties of SIVATHENE compounds are permanent and are an integral part of the material's performance. They fulfill specific requirements related to their electrical, rheological and mechanical properties. It can also tailor make conductive compounds to exact customer requirements.

Applications Techniques:
The developments of conductive compounds allow the replacement of metal parts in many industrial applications. The advantages of employing SIVATHENE conductive plastics include weight and cost reduction, easy processing with complex shapes. So, conductive compounds are suitable for different processing techniques such as techniques such as Blown film, Injection & Blow molding, vacuum forming, Sheet extrusion etc.

SIVATHENE conductive compounds that provide the ultimate performance in electrostatic dissipative and other conductive plastics applications. Applications include electronics processing and packaging, industrial safety, packaging, Telecommunication, automotive, aerospace, chemical, and mining and many others.

Conductive Black Masterbatches Compounds for Film Applications provide ultimate performance in electrostatic dissipative and other conductive plastics applications.

Monday 20 May 2013

Special Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Suitable for PP Non Woven Fabrics

The Experienced and Skilled team of JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd has developed a Special Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch suitable for PP Non Woven fabrics. The product is highly in demand by all the Non Woven Fabric manufacturer. Till now most of the Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers did not have any reliable and quality oriented source of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches. They were facing a stiff competition from the Chinese fabric manufacturers. Sensing the requirement of the market, Sivathene NW03P was developed and trialled at various places. The product became an instant success and the fabric manufacturers are adding upto 15% of this Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch very comfortably in their processing line. The addition level varies as per the specification of the fabric. There is a great reduction in cost of the product and this Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch is a great value for money.

 This Masterbatch gives absolutely smooth and homogenous fabric without any un melted particle or dark patches. All the mechanical, aesthetic, physical and other properties of the fabric remain the very same. In no way the quality of fabric is being compromised here. In fact the fabric becomes environment friendly and has better carbon footprints.

Not only this JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd. has got specific tailor made products for all the plastic processing applications. More details about them and their product can be obtained from

Sivathene A-Aid is suitable for Woven Sack application.
This material has been developed using ultra fine particles of Coated Calcium Carbonate sourced from the best source in the world.
Homogenous and proper dispersion on Filler with polymer ensures very smooth running of material on tape line without any problem of any water carriage, strength issue or powder formation.
This product can very well be added for applications ranging from FIBC/Jumbo Bags, Small Bags, Tarpaulin, Fabric and other Woven Bags. Sivathene Film Aid is very much suitable for Blown Film application for every applications.

The product range includes of PP Homo polymer, Block and Random Co Polymer, PE, Nylon, other Engineering Polymers based products which are modified with talc, Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) or reinforced with Glass Fibre, Elastomers and others. These compounds in turn are suitable for manufacturing of flame retardant, strong, stiff, impact resistant, chemically resistant, and leak proof products. Apart from this, we have complete range of White and Black Masterbatch for every application. We manufacture masterbatches, color masterbatches and additive masterbatches.

For more details about Special Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch Suitable for PP Non Woven Fabrics , You can visit our websites: calcium carbonate masterbatch.